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Do I Need A Business Law Attorney?

There are times when a business in Texas faces issues that are too time-consuming, too complex or involve complicated liability issues. In these situations, prudent business owners and executives retain a business lawyer. A few examples of situations where retaining a business lawyer may be necessary: An employee is suing on grounds of discrimination in […]

Corporate Law Professional

If you are in need of a corporate law professional, Walker Bright PC is here for you. We work to understand your business and provide legal services that will help you cost-effectively accomplish your business objectives or corporate formation. This is a list of our areas of corporate law: Business Entity Formation: limited liability companies […]

Municipal Law: Defending Public Entities

Municipal law attorneys typically defend public entities in legal matters. The set of laws that apply to municipalities can differ so it is important that a public entity select a municipal law attorney that is familiar with the particular set of laws that apply. The range of legal issues that a municipal defense attorney handles […]

What types of cases do insurance defense attorneys take?

Insurance defense attorneys typically represent insurance agencies in cases where there is a dispute either between the insurance company and the policyholder or when an insurance company’s insured is facing a potential lawsuit and trial as a result of a claim brought by a third party that falls within the coverage of the insurance policy. […]