Do I Need A Business Law Attorney?

There are times when a business in Texas faces issues that are too time-consuming, too complex or involve complicated liability issues. In these situations, prudent business owners and executives retain a business lawyer.

A few examples of situations where retaining a business lawyer may be necessary:

  • An employee is suing on grounds of discrimination in hiring, firing, or a hostile work environment
  • A local, state, or federal government agency is investigating your business
  • Environmental issues arise and your business may be involved
  • Negotiating the sale of your business or f the acquisition of another

While you should certainly retain an attorney for the serious issues listed above, your strategy should be preventing such occurrences. In order to prevent these issues you don’t necessarily have to hire an attorney, but consulting with one is a good idea. If your business is sued, the preventable damage has already occurred and what remains is how much you may be paying out in legal fees, court fees, and damages.

To prevent unnecessary attorney’s fees, you should seriously consider a consultation arrangement with a business law attorney. Such a relationship would entail you completing most of the legwork and the business law attorney providing legal guidance or review. For example, you may utilize online sources to draft a contract for use with a particular vendor and then ask the attorney to review it and offer any suggestions. Or you might research questions to ask during an interview for employment and then send them to the attorney for approval.

This way, you can avoid a headache later and the cost to you will be minimal in comparison to retaining a business law attorney for litigation. Walker Bright PC is a business law firm with offices located in Dallas and Austin. If you need a business law attorney with significant experience, call us today.

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