Do I Need A Business Law Attorney?

There are times when a business in Texas faces issues that are too time-consuming, too complex or involve complicated liability issues. In these situations, prudent business owners and executives retain a business lawyer.

A few examples of situations where retaining a business lawyer may be necessary:

  • An employee is suing on grounds of discrimination in hiring, firing, or a hostile work environment
  • A local, state, or federal government agency is investigating your business
  • Environmental issues arise and your business may be involved
  • Negotiating the sale of your business or f the acquisition of another

While you should certainly retain an attorney for the serious issues listed above, your strategy should be preventing such occurrences. In order to prevent these issues you don’t necessarily have to hire an attorney, but consulting with one is a good idea. If your business is sued, the preventable damage has already occurred and what remains is how much you may be paying out in legal fees, court fees, and damages.

To prevent unnecessary attorney’s fees, you should seriously consider a consultation arrangement with a business law attorney. Such a relationship would entail you completing most of the legwork and the business law attorney providing legal guidance or review. For example, you may utilize online sources to draft a contract for use with a particular vendor and then ask the attorney to review it and offer any suggestions. Or you might research questions to ask during an interview for employment and then send them to the attorney for approval.

This way, you can avoid a headache later and the cost to you will be minimal in comparison to retaining a business law attorney for litigation. Walker Bright PC is a business law firm with offices located in Dallas and Austin. If you need a business law attorney with significant experience, call us today.

Corporate Law Professional

If you are in need of a corporate law professional, Walker Bright PC is here for you. We work to understand your business and provide legal services that will help you cost-effectively accomplish your business objectives or corporate formation.

This is a list of our areas of corporate law:

  • Business Entity Formation:
    • limited liability companies (LLCs)
    • limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
    • sole proprietorships
    • joint ventures
    • partnerships and corporat formation
  • Business Organization:
    • structuring your business
    • corporate governance
    • drafting and reviewing bylaws and other charter documents
  • Business Transactions:
    • purchase and sale agreements
    • mergers
    • acquisitions
  • Business Litigation:
    • business disputes
    • contract disputes
    • breach of fiduciary duties
    • stockholder
    • member or partnership disputes
  • Business Contracts:
    • non-compete agreements
    • non-solicitation agreements
  • Real Estate Law:
    • developments
    • financing
    • leasing
    • zoning and land use
    • real estate transactions
    • commercial and residential real estate
    • landlord/tenant law
  • Employment Law:
    • wrongful termination
    • discrimination
    • drafting employee manuals
    • non-compete agreements
    • employment contracts
  • Business Dissolution
  • Reorganizations
  • Shareholder Matters
  • Financing
  • Taxes and Filing
  • General Legal Guidance
  • Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Patent Law:
    • trademark
    • copyright
    • and patent litigation
    • registration
    • searches
    • infringement


For an Austin area or Dallas area corporate law professional, contact our offices or email us:

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    Walker Bright PC represents clients throughout the state of Texas including clients in the Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio metro areas: Travis County, Burnet County, Bexar County, McLendon County, Bell County, Williamson County, Lee County, Bastrop County, Hays County, Caldwell County, Dallas County, Denton County, Collin County, Harris County, Ellis County, Kaufman County, Rockwall County, Hunt County, Johnson County, and Tarrant County.

    Municipal Law: Defending Public Entities

    Municipal law attorneys typically defend public entities in legal matters. The set of laws that apply to municipalities can differ so it is important that a public entity select a municipal law attorney that is familiar with the particular set of laws that apply. The range of legal issues that a municipal defense attorney handles range from administrative hearings to zoning ordinances.

    Generally, municipal law includes legal matters involved public entities such as cities, counties, police departments, fire departments, housing agencies, community agencies, public schools, and utility districts.  These public entities often face legal challenges including:

    • Civil Rights
    • Personal Injury
    • Contract Disputes
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Negligent Hiring
    • Discrimination
    • Public Housing Issues
    • Zoning Ordinances

    When a public entity faces a legal challenge and the public entity doesn’t have in-house legal counsel or the in-house legal counsel is unable to handle the matter, the public entity will seek out a municipal law attorney that defends public entities.

    Walker Bright PC has extensive experience representing municipalities and employees of municipalities in their individual and official capacities throughout Texas. Walker Bright PC’s Austin and Dallas municipal law attorneys have represented governmental entities and their employees in employment discrimination cases, cases under the Texas Tort Claims Act, and civil rights actions filed under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 in federal and state courts.

    What types of cases do insurance defense attorneys take?

    Insurance defense attorneys typically represent insurance agencies in cases where there is a dispute either between the insurance company and the policyholder or when an insurance company’s insured is facing a potential lawsuit and trial as a result of a claim brought by a third party that falls within the coverage of the insurance policy. There are also other situations where an insured seeks an insurance defense attorney of their choice to defend the claim against the insurance company.

    When most people think about the types of cases insurance defense attorneys take, the immediately think personal injury for car accidents. Although car accidents are a large volume of what many insurance defense attorneys take on, there are many other types of insurance defense cases. These include, but are not limited to, construction accidents and liability, homeowner’s liability, crop losses, product damage, product liability, and professional malpractice.

    If you are an insurance company or an insured seeking an insurance defense attorney, you need an attorney that has the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle your case. If you are seeking an attorney in the Dallas or Austin, Texas area, contact the insurance defense attorneys at Walker Bright, PC to discuss how our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced lawyers can help you.